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City police seeking pellet gun shooters

New Hampshire Union Leader

April 12. 2013 12:44AM

MANCHESTER - Susane Belanger said she was pushing her 12-month-old niece in a stroller Tuesday afternoon when she was hit with a BB fired from a passing car on the Bridge Street Bridge.

"They could have killed that baby if she was struck in the temple," said Belanger, 58, of Manchester.

Belanger was walking alongside the stroller, pushing it as they headed east across the bridge about 3:45 p.m. when something hit her in the rear pocket of her jeans.

"At first it stung me enough I thought a car had kicked up a rock," she said.

Then she remembered news reports of incidents on Monday in Manchester of drive-by BB shootings and realized she'd been hit. The BB caused a red welt about the size of a nickel and did not require any medical attention.

"I just hope they find these kids," she said. "It's like I don't dare go out with the baby."

Walking "quite a distance" ahead of her was another man, identified by police as Michael Holland, 67, of Hampstead, who also was struck. Belanger said he is a retired doctor from California who dropped someone off at Catholic Medical Center for a procedure and, because it was such a nice day, decided to take a walk to Elm Street.

Lt. Maureen Tessier said a postal worker, Richard Lessard, 56, of Hooksett, told police he was struck in the back about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when he was delivering mail on Pearl Street. The BB left a small welt, according to Tessier.

Tessier said there are seven reported incidents of someone firing a BB, air or pellet gun from a moving car Monday and Tuesday afternoons. No one has been arrested.

In five of the cases, the vehicle involved was described as a small white sedan, with one victim saying it was a white, four-door Honda low to the ground. A bicyclist, who was hit in the back as he traveled along South Willow Street Tuesday afternoon, did not see the vehicle, while two young boys told police a Hispanic man in a black SUV fired a BB gun at them as they were walking near Belmont and Hanover streets Monday afternoon, the first reported incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 668-8711.

Goffstown incidents

Two people standing outside their businesses Tuesday on Mast Road - one near College Road and the other near Libby Street - reported to police that they felt something hit their body and discovered a plastic pellet near them.

Neither required medical treatment. The incidents were reported between 5:15 and 5:30 p.m.

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