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House votes 312-0 to honor Marathon bombing victims, rebuking Tremblay

State House Bureau

May 08. 2013 9:06PM

CONCORD - The House voted 312-0 Wednesday to honor the victims and heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing and formally disavowed comments made by one of its members.

The vote was a rebuke to Rep. Stella Tremblay, R-Auburn, who claimed the attack was the work of a federal government "Black Ops" team and questioned whether bombing victim Jeff Bauman was in pain or shock after the bombing.

Bauman, whose father and stepmother live in Concord, helped law enforcement identify one of the bombing suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Bauman lost both legs and suffered hearing loss from the blast.

Tremblay claimed Bauman's lack of pain or shock in a picture widely circulated after the bombing was one reason she blamed the federal government for the attack.

Tremblay had an excused absence and did not attend Wednesday's House session. Attempts to reach her Wednesday afternoon were unsuccessful.

Tremblay's comments outraged many from Republican Party and legislative leaders to Democrats and independents. Members of her own party called for her resignation and said her remarks do not represent the views of the GOP.

The resolution (HR 9) noted that "recent remarks have taken the focus away from honoring the victims and celebrating the heroes of this tragedy."

The resolution passed Wednesday did not name Tremblay but clearly addressed her remarks.

"The House does hereby disavow any unfounded speculation or accusation that dishonors those affected by the tragic events in Boston," the resolution reads.

The resolution also praised Bauman saying "the New Hampshire House of Representatives does hereby commend Jeff Bauman as a hero for his actions and wishes him a quick recovery."

Tremblay apologized for her remarks about Bauman "if he was hurt." But she continued raise questions about both his injuries and federal government involvement in the bombings.

In the aftermath of the April 15 bombing Tremblay said Bauman "was not in pain; he was not in shock. If I had had those type of injuries, I'd be screaming in agony," she had said.

She has called for an Arizona group called the Cold Case Posse to look into the case saying the investigation of the bombing and the injuries sustained by victims should not be handled by the FBI.

The Posse is well know for claiming President Barack Obama's birth certificate was fraudulent.

Tremblay also made headlines earlier this session when she said in a legislative hearing that former President Woodrow Wilson agreed with Adolf Hitler's view on race.

House Minority Leader Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett, House Majority Leader Steve Shurtleff, D-Concord, and House Speaker Terie Norelli, D-Portsmouth, sponsored the resolution, which House members applauded after it was read.

Gov. Maggie Hassan praised the House resolution in a tweet later in the day.

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