Lost runner from Spofford spends night in Pisgah State Park

Staff report | June 02. 2013 7:58PM

HINSDALE — A college student walked out of Pisgah State Park early Sunday, after becoming lost during a run along the Kilburn Loop Trail Saturday afternoon.

At approximately 11:45 p.m. Saturday, state conservation officers were notified that Sean Hennigan, 20, of Spofford was reported lost somewhere in the vicinity of the Kilburn Loop Trail. After a brief search by friends and family, the student’s mother, Karen Hennigan, contacted authorities to report that her son had gone for a hike near Kilburn Pond and had not returned.

Hennigan was on an outing with friends when he reportedly decided to go for a run by himself. He told members of his group that he planned to run around Kilburn Pond. Family members reported that they last heard from Hennigan at 8:46 p.m. Saturday, when he sent a text message to his sister that said he was lost, had fallen and just came out on an unfamiliar trail. The battery on his cell phone then went dead, but conservation officers were able to get GPS coordinates for his location where he sent the last text message from.

Officers checked the area of the GPS coordinates but did not locate Hennigan, who had continued moving along in the dark for some time. Officers conducted a search of the Kilburn Loop Trail and other less traveled side trails utilizing ATV’s, again without luck.

At day break Sunday, Hennigan made his way to a residence on Winchester Road in Chesterfield, near the Hubbard Hill Trail Head, where a homeowner let Hennigan use his phone to call family members.

Hennigan told conservation officers that his planned run had taken longer than he expected, and when he attempted to take a shortcut he became lost.


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