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Bloomberg's chutzpah: Awesome, but NH isn't buying it

June 08. 2013 1:31AM

We must say we admire the chutzpah of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He presides over a city that has copious gunplay despite supposedly tough gun control, yet he presumes to tell New Hampshire and the rest of the country how to deal with guns.

That is, he does this when he isn't telling the citizens of Gotham how big a soda cup they can purchase.

A week ago, Bloomberg's city lost seven dead from gunfire and more than two dozen shot in a 48-hour period. And this after New York State further "toughened" its gun-control laws, setting a seven-bullet limit on magazines, redefining what is an illegal "assault weapon" and requiring yet more gun registration.

Bloomberg and his gun-control pals (along with a complacent national news pack) also manage to largely ignore the example of the City of Chicago, with its strict gun laws and with one of the worst gun-murder rates this side of Syria.

Yet Bloomberg continues to peel wads of cash from his fortune in efforts to pummel U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire.

Ayotte has been targetted (we hope the word offends Mayor Mike) for being the sole New England senator to vote against a useless but feel-good gun bill.

His effort is apparently not working as well as he had hoped, so last week, in TV ad number four, he brought in another big gun for his anti-Ayotte tirade.

This time, it was a police chief, fitted out in so much braid and regalia he must have shopped at a Khadafy website.

This chief, however, isn't from New Hampshire, a fact not divulged in the Bloomberg ad. Turns out, the guy was featured in another gun-control ad a few years back that a Midwest TV station pulled from the air because it was so inaccurate. The fellow is a chief in Minnesota, which knows as much about New Hampshire as does Mayor Mike.

Our advice to Mayor Mike: take a big gulp and go away. Neither Kelly Ayotte nor Granite Staters will be intimidated by the likes of you.

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