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In Manchester, police say last week was a week for burglars

New Hampshire Union Leader

July 09. 2013 10:28PM

MANCHESTER — A sharp increase in burglaries in the city during the first week in July has prompted police to warn residents to lock doors and windows and be vigilant.

Between July 1 and July 7, police investigated 30 burglaries at homes and businesses, police said.

Statistics compiled by police indicate that the five city businesses hit by burglars were mostly targeted at night.

The 25 residential burglaries were clustered in densely packed neighborhoods, generally from Lake Avenue into the city's West Side.

Some of the residential burglaries have been reported during the day, with small numbers happening in occupied dwellings at night.

Police say burglaries at homes happen increasingly during the summer months, when residents are on vacation.

Crime prevention officers offered these suggestions for reducing the chance of suffering a burglary:

• Secure windows and if you keep a window open, use a wireless window alarm that will activate if someone tries to raise the window.

• Keep ladders locked and out of sight to prevent burglars from getting easy access to second-story windows.

• Don't provide obvious signs that you are away. Have someone mow your lawn, and don't mention vacation plans on social media, which can be accessed by would-be burglars.

• Keep car doors locked. Many people with garages don't lock their cars, and with summer equipment occupying the garage, leave the car outside and fail to lock it.

• Secure window-mount air conditioners so intruders can't push them in to gain access.

• Install motion detectors in dark corners of your property to trigger lights if someone is sneaking about in the yard.

• Call police if door-to-door salespeople make you nervous. Some people go door-to-door seeking empty houses.

• Trim bushes so intruders can't gain cover while seeking a way to break into the house.

• Use shades to keep people from being tempted by what is inside your home.

• Use timers for inside lights and a radio when you are away.

• Don't put a spare key under the door mat.

• Don't put the boxes for new, big-ticket electronics at the curb on trash day.

Police also advise homeowners to look after each other by calling police when they spot suspicious people in the neighborhood.

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