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Matthew Beaulieu: Obama could take a leadership lesson from Founding Fathers

August 11. 2013 7:31PM

I expect more from a President. In light of the recent circumstances in which an American National Security Agency contract employee decided to reveal information about a government that is spying on its people, President Obama decided it would be a good idea to cancel an important meeting with the leader of the country that granted the leaker a one-year asylum.

To me, this looks like a President who truly does not care about his country. Not only has he not weighed in on the astonishing news that our government is literally trampling on the document this country was founded on, but he chooses to blatantly ignore its significance in the fabric of our great nation. He has chosen rather to spew liberal agendas about gun control and racism, and deny government cover-ups and hidden agendas.

Russia is an important part of our global economy, and I’m pretty sure that actions like this revert us back to the “Cold War” thinking that the President so effortlessly accused Vladimir Putin of on one of his recent “late night” television shows. I don’t want a President who tries to influence mainstream thinking by parading himself on these television programs in an effort to make himself and those ideas popular.

We have a real problem brewing in America right now — extremely high unemployment, misplaced and abused government entitlement programs, an exponentially growing socialist agenda, as well as a quietly expanding military state, not to mention a dollar that is on the verge of becoming practically obsolete. These things have not happened overnight. They’ve been simmering below the surface of our collective national conscience.

This country is sinking into something that I’m sure our grandparents don’t recognize, and we, too, will be unable to recognize in a short amount of time.

It’s time for a President who truly cares about the Constitution and the values that this country was founded upon. Please take the time, if you dare, and are concerned like me, to read the writings of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams, and the like. You will find these men were infinitely far more intelligent than our current government gives them credit for.

These people truly cared about this nation and its future. In a time of desperate hopelessness, they created documents that were intended to guide our country in its darkest hours, and this President, his administration and, quite possibly, the entire government, are quickly sweeping their knowledge and genius under the carpet.

During the Revolutionary War, John Adams was sent to France to broker peace and foster the relationship between the newly born country and its previous oppressor. Can you imagine watching thousands of people die at the hand of a tyrannical king, fighting back, facing ostensibly insurmountable obstacles, and within months sailing across a seemingly infinite ocean to begin to foster a mutual and, maybe, symbiotic relationship with that very same tyrannical king? Diplomacy as a true American would conduct it.

When imagining the guts that it took to do what our Founding Fathers did, it really puts into perspective the cowards our leaders have become.

I expect more from a President and a government. I expect these people not to be self-serving dolts, but citizen-serving patriots, ever vigilant of our national security, by endlessly protecting not only our rights as humans, but our rights as Americans.

Matthew Beaulieu lives in New Boston and works as a superintendent for a local construction firm.

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