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Sex talk: A priority at UNH

October 06. 2013 8:56PM

Last Thursday UNH's Memorial Union Student Organization presented a deliberately controversial sex "lecture" at the Memorial Union Building. Some students appeared mystified that anyone would find this objectionable. Clearly they are not getting the most from their education.

The talk, "Orchestrating Orgasms," was presented by Megan Andelloux, a self-described "clinical sexologist" certified by the "American College of Sexologists." Ah, academic standards. But there is no college of sexology. The "college" is merely a membership organization based in California. Andelloux has no advanced degree, just a BS from the University of Rhode Island, according to her own resume.

What the students got was a titilating talk about having better orgasms, complete with live sex-toy demonstrations from students. This is after a talk at the MUB by a prostitute last spring. To which one might say, "So what?" These are, technically, adults (even if Obamacare legally defines them as "children" who must be covered under their parents' health insurance plans).

Indeed, who cares? College is a time for self-discovery, after all. That self-discovery, though, is financed by others. Their views should be taken into account, no? This talk was, of course, funded by student activity fees. Those fees are mandatory. All students (meaning, mostly, parents) must pay them. For a student organization to spend other people's money on this event was inconsiderate, to say the least.

Moreover, the equating of intellectual stimulation and physical stimulation degrades the college experience. An estimated 500 people showed up to view this spectacle. Joshua McGraw, a 27-year-old former Marine who was in the MUB at the time of the event, but did not attend it, said it best. "If they had a guest speaker on genocide in Syria and 100,000 people dead, you couldn't get 10 people to show up."

Alas, there is no MUB event this fall on Syria. But there are two more events this month on sex and sexuality: "Everyone is Gay" and "Inner Beauty: Love your body, Ease Your Mind."

UNH students might learn nothing about the important global issues of the day, but by the end of this month they will darned sure know in great detail every possible way to express themselves sexually. Surely that is one of the primary goals of a taxpayer-funded institution of higher education.


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