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Snow days may not be a day off in Timberlane School District in Plaistow

Union Leader Correspondent

October 07. 2013 9:02PM

PLAISTOW — A snow day might not feel exactly like a snow day for students in the Timberlane Regional School District this winter.

Superintendent Earl Metzler has asked administrators in each of the district’s schools to look at plans for applying for the state Blizzard Bags program.

“Blizzard bags are work in the event we have a considerable amount of snow days that go above and beyond,” said Metzler. “We would be able to count those days as school days in the event we are able to take care of all of the criteria.”

In most cases, there isn’t an actual bag of assignments students are forced to trudge home with through the snow, but mainly assignments that can be accessed online.

If 80 percent of the students in the district complete the assignments handed out for the snow days, then it qualifies as a day of school and an additional day is not added to the end of the school year.

Although many of the assignments can be accessed online, the state also requires that there are opportunities for students who may not have Internet access.

“First, we have to put together a plan and apply,” said Metzler. “We could apply and if it gets approved, and then choose not to execute it.”

Administrators are working on the details of the plan now, and Metzler told the School Board he would present the final plan as soon as it is ready.

“We are under the gun as far as time goes,” he said. “We will share it with you as soon as we think we have something that can be approved. Then we can decide if it is something we want to use.”

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