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Timberlane superintendent apologizes for lunch policy mistake that prevented food purchase on credit

Union Leader Correspondent

October 07. 2013 9:02PM

PLAISTOW — School officials are apologizing for a policy oversight that prevented at least one high school student from buying food on credit at the high school.

The Timberlane Regional School District policy states that high school students can charge a la carte items at the cafeteria as long as they have less than $20 of debt.

However, one parent said her diabetic daughter has been denied charging items at least four times over the last year.

"I've spoke to (superintendent Earl) Metzler four times this year about my daughter being denied something when the policy states that it goes to negative $20," said Kimberly Budreau. "She has never been at negative $20; she has been at zero, negative 10 cents and negative $1.10. And she happens to be a type I diabetic, but whether she was or not, I'd be frustrated about the policies you choose to adhere to and the ones you do not."

Metzler said he spoke with Budreau about two weeks ago and made sure that a recent letter informing parents about the district's food service policy matched the actual policy.

"We looked at the a la carte items at the high school, and students are able to charge up to $20," said Metzler.

At that time, Metzler apologized to Budreau and said there had been an oversight of the policy and asked if Budreau's daughter would mind testing the policy again to see if she would be able to purchase an item while carrying a slight negative balance.

Budreau said that once again, her daughter was not allowed to purchase a juice while she had a negative balance of $1.10.

Metzler apologized for the incident and said he would remain on top of making sure the high school follows the policy.

"We are well aware of what the policy is at the high school," said Metzler. "This is an oversight, and we apologize. It shouldn't happen. We went over this last year."

Metzler said he spoke to the food services department at the high school last year and told them that Budreau's daughter is diabetic should not be denied juice or water no matter what her balance is.

"I can say that I'm sorry it happened again, I'm embarrassed it happened again, and I will certainly spend more time on it," said Metzler. "We will do our best to get this right."

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