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On day of vigil, Abigail's father appears

Union Leader Correspondent

November 04. 2013 2:44PM

A photo of Abigail Hernandez that vigil organizers asked Facebook users to post in their messages Sunday night. COURTESY 

CONWAY – Abigail Hernandez' father has appeared on Facebook, the medium that friends and law enforcement said his daughter used so heavily before her disappearance, and he posted a letter to his daughter, asking her to somehow try and make contact with her family.

Abigail's mother, Zenya Hernandez, confirmed that her husband, Ruben Hernandez, was the one who posted the letter and is the likely owner of the Facebook page with his name, which features numerous photos of Abigail and her sister, Sarah, when they were children.

"We don't know if you ran away but if you did, it's important for you to know Sweetheart that nobody is angry with you, and you are not and will not be in any trouble. I just need to know that you are OK," he wrote in the letter.

According to Facebook, Ruben Hernandez joined the social media site Oct. 11, though the pictures posted in his timeline all were posted on Sunday as he took part in the online vigil for his daughter Sunday night.

Ruben Hernandez has not returned messages asking for comment. But his wife confirmed that to the best of her knowledge, he posted the message.

"That was his writing, those are his pictures," Zenya Hernandez said.

Zenya Hernandez confirmed that her husband has two homes, one in the Conway area. When asked where his second home is and the status of their relationship, Zenya said, "I can't talk about that part."

On the page, Ruben Hernandez lists three friends, one of whom is from Houston, Texas, one who lists a Massachusetts high school on her page, and one man who does not give a home location on his Facebook page.

FBI Agent Kieran Ramsey said law enforcement paid close attention to the online vigil and took note of Ruben Hernandez's post.

"I can't confirm that it was him, but we are aware of the post," he said.

Ramsey would not comment on the relationship between Abigail's parents or Ruben Hernandez's whereabouts.

"All I will say is what we've said before, we've interviewed all the family members and they have been cooperative," he said.

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