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Hooksett signs: Variances no more?

November 11. 2013 7:07PM

Hooksett has a history of granting variances that allow some businesses, often big-box stores, to escape the constraints of the town's tight sign ordinance. With the granting of yet another variance for a high-profile business - this time for the new Bass Pro Shops - it clearly was time to do something about the ordinance. Finally, it is getting a review.

The town has formed a committee to study the sign ordinance and recommend changes. It is to be a top-to-bottom review. The goal is to come up with an ordinance that makes sense, treats businesses equally, and fits the town.

To see how problematic the ordinance is, just drive down Route 3 and try to read the names of the businesses. The sign sizes are all over the place. Some businesses got variances, some did not. Even some that got variances have signs that are too small to read from the road.

The ordinance has been a pain for businesses and customers for years. It is good to see the town addressing the problem at long last.

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