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Freedom? Thanks for nothing, Obama

November 28. 2013 9:59PM

President Obama issued a half-hearted Thanksgiving Proclamation on Wednesday. The President tends to phone it in when he is not talking about how brilliant he is and how wonderful life will be in the new Utopia he’s planning for us all. When he has to talk about freedom, he just uses cliches. More cliches than usual, that is.

On Obama’s list of things for which Americans should be thankful this year, the very first item was “the freedoms we enjoy.” The nerve of this guy.

Obama’s entire political agenda is guided by one core principle: Replace Americans’ decisions with ones made on their behalf in Washington. From the individual mandate to fuel economy standards to the stimulus bill to green energy subsidies to the Obamacare minimum coverage provisions to federal policy on contraceptive coverage for religious organizations, Obama has sought to make Americans less free by imposing his preferences upon them.

You cannot be trusted to spend your money in ways that will get the economy moving again, so Obama needed to spend your money for you via “cash for clunkers,” the stimulus, the auto bailouts, etc.

You cannot be trusted to choose an insurance plan that is good for you, so Obama must force all insurers to cover the things he thinks you should have — and compel you to buy that insurance or pay a fine.

You cannot even be trusted to teach your kids how to eat a healthy meal, so Obama must make your kid pick healthy foods by remaking the entire school lunch program.

Freedom? That is for people who do not live under such a wise and benevolent ruler as Obama.

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