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December 26. 2013 9:32PM

Manchester Crimewatch: Man facing simple assault, criminal threatening charges

MANCHESTER — Anthony Blakney Thursday tried to persuade a Circuit Court-Manchester District Division judge to set personal recognizance bail on charges of simple assault, criminal threatening and violation of a domestic violence protective order, saying he always comes to court.

Blakney, 30, of 547 Silver St., is accused of hitting his wife in the chest Tuesday afternoon and telling her he was going to be arrested for murder, placing her in fear.

He is also accused of violating a protective order Dec. 5, by going to the Pine Street apartment of an ex-girlfriend, who had taken out a protective order in Family Division, and asking her obscene questions.

A police prosecutor requested $10,000 cash/surety bail for Blakney, noting his criminal record includes a 2005 conviction on nine counts of felonious sexual assault.

Blakney told Judge Gregory Michael that the protective order was dismissed Dec. 8, but that was three days after his alleged violation.

Saying bail is also about protecting the public, Judge Gregory Michael set bail at $2,500 cash/surety. Blakney continued to push for personal recognizance bail, saying he couldn't afford cash/surety bail. "I live off Social Security," said Blakney. Bail conditions bar contact with Blakney's wife and his ex-girlfriend.

Trial on all three charges was set for Jan. 27, 2014.

Probation hold bars release

Jason Lyons, 25, of 138 Pearl St., pleaded innocent Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to a simple assault charge that alleges he punched his girlfriend in the face Christmas Day.

Lyons, who is on probation for a conviction on possession of a controlled drug with intent to sell, told Judge Gregory Michael: "What happened last night was a complete misunderstanding."

Lyons also said his girlfriend was present in court and wanted to speak. So Michael invited Ashley Arbogast to do so, warning her that everything she said was being recorded.

Arbogast said: "I feel a pr (personal recognizance) bail would be appropriate." Arbogast said Lyons was recently laid off from his job and is very helpful with her six-year-old son. She said it was just a boy/girl argument and Lyons did not assault her.

Court documents show that when police responded to the residence Wednesday night, Arbogast told an officer that the two had argued and Lyons became so upset, he approached her with a clenched fist and punched her in the face. Arbogast also told the officer that she began fighting back and punched Lyons in the nose.

The officer said Lyons was found outside the door, trying to listen, during the interview with Arbogast. He told the officer the argument was strictly verbal and he would never hurt Arbogast. The officer noted swelling on Lyons' right little finger knuckle and asked what he had punched. After Lyons denied punching anything, he was placed in handcuffs and told he was under arrest for domestic simple assault.

Michael set bail at $2,000 personal recognizance, with bail conditions that include no contact with Arbogast and not going to her residence. He also cautioned Arbogast against contacting Lyons and provided her with a copy of the trial notice, showing trial was set for Jan. 27, 2014. Although Lyons' bail is personal recognizance, it does not become effective until his probation officer releases the hold.

Bail revocation hearing Friday

A bail revocation hearing was set Friday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division for Raymond Perez, 24, who is accused of stalking his girlfriend.

Conditions of his $1,000 cash/surety bail, set Dec. 2 on a simple assault charge, barred Perez from contact with his girlfriend and barred him from returning to 236 Douglas St. The stalking charge alleges he was with his girlfriend in the Douglas Street apartment Wednesday night.

Trial on the new charge was set for Jan. 6, 2014, the same day as trial on the assault charge.

Accused of assaulting girlfriend

Dale Adams, 49, of 1302 Goffstown Road, pleaded innocent Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to five charges of simple assault and one of criminal mischief.

Adams is accused of assaulting his girlfriend Tuesday evening at the Goffstown Road address. He told Judge Gregory Michael that he has been on a sabbatical this year, living on savings, and intended to go back to work for his previous employer after the first of the year,

Adams is accused of pushing his girlfriend to the floor, picking her up off the floor by grabbing her neck and squeezing it as he picked her up, throwing her on a bed and continuing to squeeze her neck, biting her upper lip, pushing her against the bedroom wall and causing her to fall, and pushing her and causing her to fall on an item, breaking it.

Judge Gregory Michael continued bail at $1,000 cash/surety, with conditions barring contact with the alleged victim and barring Adams from the woman's residence.

Trial was set for Feb. 12, 2014.

Charged with attempted burglary

Police said Jose Montanez, 43, of 341 Amherst St., was at the back door of Los Primos Market, 483 Maple St., when they responded to a possible burglary in progress at about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Police said they ordered the man they spotted to stop, but he fled, scaled a fence and ran north toward Lowell Street. Officer Patrick Mullen and Sgt. Brandon Murphy were able to catch the man in the area of Lowell and Maple streets and take him into custody after a brief struggle.

Police said they found a large screwdriver and pry tool in the area of the damaged rear door of the market, where Montanez had been spotted. He was charged with attempted burglary, possession of burglary tools and resisting arrest.

No additional bail

Corey Guay, 24, who is barred by bail conditions on earlier charges from his previous address at 467 Beech St., was arraigned Monday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division on a simple assault charge stemming from a November incident. Guay was arraigned last Wednesday on two charges of simple assault, false imprisonment and criminal threatening from the original incident and this charge was the result of further investigation.

Guay also faces charges of assault and resisting arrest resulting from his alleged fight with police seeking to arrest him when they responded early that morning to a report of him banging on the door of the Beech Street apartment and threatening the woman.

Bail was continued at $1,000 cash/surety, with trial set for Jan. 13, 2014.

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