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Intruders make way into two Manchester homes; showing badges in one case

January 06. 2014 3:40PM

MANCHESTER — Intruders made their way into two separate Manchester homes in the past two days, in one case threatening and beating a resident and in the other case showing badges and handcuffing their victims, according to Manchester police.

Both incidents took place in early morning hours - one on Sunday just minutes after midnight, the second on Monday at the same hour. Both involved subjects with matching descriptions - one white, one Hispanic. And guns were used in both incidents.

But they took place in different parts of the city - one was an Old Wellington Road apartment; the other was a Wilson Street apartment. And in the Monday morning intrusion at 199 Wilson St., guns were drawn, residents were ordered to the floor and a young man was struck in the head with a pistol.

At 495 Old Wellington Road, the two showed a badge, entered the apartment and questioned the residents about the whereabouts of another person. The intruders then holstered the handguns in their waistbands, handcuffed the man and his adult daughter, then ransacked the apartment.

“There is nothing that would link these at this point,” said police Lt. Maureen Tessier.

She said police are disturbed whenever someone impersonates an officer and said people can ask a detective for an identification card as well as a badge.

“You should use common sense,” Tessier said. “If you have some concerns if people are law enforcement, you can call the police department.”

Motorists who are pulled over by a plainclothes detective can turn on their flashers, dome light and slowly drive to a populated area, she said. Or a motorist can call 911 and verify that a police officer has pulled them over.

At the Wellington Road apartment, the intruders ordered Jose Nunez, 58, and his daughter, Johanna Nunez, 28, into a bedroom and told them to wait. After two hours, they went to a neighbor for help.

Police said the intruders stole a handgun, cash, passports, clothing, a cellphone and documents. Two young children were home at the time.

At Wilson Street, Paulette Delisle, 64, opened the door after hearing a knock, only to have the two men force their way into the home. One pointed a gun at her and her granddaughter, Jowanna Melo, 18, and ordered them on the floor.

They searched the apartment and demanded money from the two. They encountered two other residents - Christian Ramos, 19, and Leo Fritz, 46. One of the intruders struck Ramos in the head with a pistol and took his safe, police said.

The two were described as a thin white man, between 6-feet and 6-foot-3, with blue eyes.

The other was a stocky Hispanic or light-skinned black man about 6-feet to 6-foot-2. They left in a large, older black SUV driven by another person.

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