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Things get heated over Hooksett school hotline

HOOKSETT — Members of the Hooksett School District administration, including principals, vice-principals and other officials, filed a formal complaint against School Board member John Lyscars with the School Board for what they say are his attempts to circumvent appropriate protocol for inviting them to use a "confidential hotline" of his creation where they could voice their problems.

Board Chairman Trisha Korkosz said she is researching the matter to see if there will be any consequences for Lyscars. "We have simultaneous issues going on in this community at this time. One is Pinkerton, and the other issue is that our administration feels that they are not valued in this community and by this school board because of the actions taken by a member, and that is something we all need to take very seriously," Korkosz said.

Lyscars said the administrators themselves broke policy by taking the complaint to Korkosz instead of to Superintendent Charles Littlefield.

The letter sent by the administration, in part, reads, "We are greatly offended by the implication that we, as administrators, have been neglectful in our professional responsibilities... Mr. Lyscars' communications are counterproductive and create an environment of confusion and anxiety."

The letter is signed principals Andrew Bairstow, Stephen Harrises and Matthew Benson along with Elementary Special Education Coordinator Karen Baldasaro and Director of Student Services Christine Gialousis.

When reached for comment Bairstow said that due to the current nature of the situation, he would not comment. Korkosz said that she is concerned that so many members of the administration felt the need to send the letter in the first place.

Lyscars said that he was only trying to establish a "whistle blower" type hotline to allow district staff the avenue to register a complaint if need be. He added that he was careful to ensure the letter did not violate any district policy and that he was "flabbergasted" by the complaint.

"I took responsibility for the miscommunication and apologized if I had offended anyone," Lyscars said.

Lyscars went on to say that media attention on his behavior, which he said does not merit attention, only serves to confuse the current situation with the high school issue.

"You have members of the community, people who induce hate in our community, are going to use this as a platform to stand on to keep the focus on me and the focus off what the big story should be, which is Pinkerton Academy. It's not about my behavior, writing this article will only continue to flame the fire of hate," Lyscars said.

"When the superintendent of the district communicates to us that the culture of the school district has changed, everyone needs to notice and pay attention. This is not about where anyone stands on our high school issue, this is a separate issue and it can be and will be simultaneously addressed," Korkosz said.

Along with sending the email to district administration, recently Lyscars has held up a winking smiley face he drew at residents who complained about him during public session, yelled that he must speak for the children of Hooksett repeatedly while the Board voted on the Pinkerton issue, sent numerous emails to Pinkerton Headmaster Mary Anderson and Manchester Mayor Ted Gastas which resulted in the Board voting to strip him of his district email account, and engaged in a very public war of words online with Hooksett Budget Committee Chair Marc Miville.

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