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January 22. 2014 9:26PM

Pelham prepares for 911 changes

PELHAM — The Highway Safety Committee is working to make the town’s E-911 emergency call system safer and more efficient.

The committee’s review could lead to house renumbering on some streets and possibly street renaming in order to avoid confusion when emergency calls are placed, according to Planning Director Jeff Gowan.

Earlier this month, the committee reviewed a list of problematic roads and the fire chief added several roads to the list.

“We are still in the process of getting our arms around this,” said Gowan. “There are about 25 issues with names and numbering.”

Gowan said it is likely the committee will be ready to come before selectmen in April to make recommendations for any renumbering or renaming of streets.Once those recommendations are made, Gowan said, many of the suggestions will probably have to go before the Planning Board for public hearings.

The town will also seek input from residents of any streets involved to see whether they have recommendations for the renaming of their roads, Gowan said.

The highway committee has no information on what the new numbering system will be for any of the roads, he said.

Edmund Gleason, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said he thinks the Highway Safety Committee should take as long as it needs to do a thorough job.

“I think it is best to proceed cautiously and do it correctly to come back in April,” he said.

Gowan said the committee will meet as often as it needs to in order to have the recommendations to selectmen in April.

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