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January 23. 2014 10:25PM

Financial reality unkind to Pelham park plan

PELHAM — Plans to build a new concession stand and storage area at Raymond Park may have to be downsized.

Last fall, Brian Johnson, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, said his department was looking to use money raised by the soccer and lacrosse programs to build the new concession stand.

At the time, Johnson said the department was looking to have a concession stand and storage area at the park much like it does at Muldoon Park. He estimated the project could cost around $70,000.

With several of the bids for the project in, however, Johnson said it looks to be more costly than first estimated.

“We’ve gotten some numbers back at around $140,000,” said Johnson.

If the numbers had come in closer to the estimates, Johnson said construction on the concession stand could have begun this spring.

As it stands now, the parks department will have to look at how it wants to proceed.

“This project will have to go back to the drawing board,” said Johnson.There is the possibility of downsizing the project, but Johnson said there will have to be a close look at what can be cut from the proposal.“Do we need the storage or can the bathrooms be put on hold?” he asked.

Johnson said storage is a big issue at Raymond Park and new bathrooms might be more of a wish list item.

“We are waiting for one more bid, but we are somewhat discouraged,” said Johnson. “We will look at what we really need there and downsize the project.”

The parks department did receive two bids on the project so far, but Johnson said they were both close to $140,000.

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