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February 01. 2014 8:28PM

Candia voters approve all warrants in record-setting session

All warrants passed in Candia's town deliberative meeting on Saturday, but with a few minor amendments.

Candia Town Clerk Chris Dupere said 65 to 70 residents attended the meeting, which went quickly.

"It was over in about and hour and 4 minutes" said Dupere, "so it was a record-breaking meeting as far as the time."

"The budget committee recommended almost everything," said Dupere. "Even the mosquito control and the CYAA (Candia Youth Athletic Association) articles are all going to be put on the ballot as they were."

The resurfacing of Lane, Green and Depot roads also went through unamended.

The largest change was the addition of $50,000 to the budget in Article 2. Selectman Andrea Soares made the amendment.

That amount was added to the budget in anticipation of increased costs of solid waste disposal for the town and the closing of the old dump.

Voters approved a warrant of $37,000 for the implementation of a mosquito control program to designed to reduce the risk of insect-borne diseases such as EEE and West Nile.

Several warrants included support of charitable causes including $6,807 for Rockingham County Community Action, $4,000 for the Visiting Nurse Association and $3,250 for the American Red Cross, among others.The article to fund the Smyth Public Library was passed with a budget of $133,880.

- Harry KozlowskiSpecial to the Sunday News

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