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Tom Brennan's friends: Former Manchester superintendent has many

February 01. 2014 1:09AM

News of the failing health of former Manchester School Superintendent Tom Brennan leaves his friends, former colleagues and admirers saddened. And that's a large group.

Dr. Brennan brought to his very difficult job a gift of getting diverse groups and interests to, if not declare peace and love, at least to keep the school system functioning. There was never any question that Tom Brennan's primary interest was in the children and their education. He not only worked tirelessly to that end, but also put up with an awful lot of, well, let's just call it stuff, in order to do so. You can only do that for so long and still keep your sanity.

We were sorry to see him leave but understood his reasons.

His love of and interest in education didn't wane when he left office, either. He was until recently a regular guest on Rich Girard's local radio talk show, giving his candid assessments of education issues.

As Girard said last week, Tom Brennan is now fighting for his life.

A lot of people are in your corner, Tom.

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