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February 27. 2014 12:11PM

Joint Berlin-Gorham boys ice hockey team proposed

Now that Berlin is in division 3, the possibility of a joint team has opened up, Superintentent Paul Bousquet explained.



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General News

Dartmouth circulated fake voter guides in NH too

Stanford and Dartmouth have been trying to make peace with Montana after three of their professors sent 100,000 fake voter information guides to state residents.

Junk science UNH pollster with history of mistakes pushes poll declaring Scott Brown down 8 points

The poll is definitely an outlier, as Brown and Shaheen are within the margin of error of each other in polls from just about every other pollster in business.

University of New Hampshire student Nicholas Thimm, 21, left, of New York,  waits in the new voter registration line at the polls in Durham in this 2012 file photo.

Dartmouth mulls how to get out-of-state students interested in NH mid-term election

And next Tuesday is unlikely to break the trend of low voter turnout, said University of New Hampshire political science professor Andrew Smith. Smith, who directs the UNH Survey Center, attributes the trend to the large number of out-of-state students attending schools like Dartmouth.

Huffington Post backs down, apologizes for false attack on Scott Brown

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — After printing a false attack on former Sen. Scott Brown and then updating the story multiple times without a correction or apology, the Huffington Post has backed down—and is apologizing for its error.

LGBT leaders push election of first openly lesbian state senator in NH

Representative Linda Turner, if elected, would be the first elected out lesbian state senator in New Hampshire.

Merrimack neighbor has no problem with in-home businesses, but draws line at gunsmith

MERRIMACK – A proposal to operate a gun shop out of a Merrimack home has been approved over opposition from a neighbor, who says he isn’t concerned about the guns or the shop, but the combination of the two.

Lawyer: Portsmouth cop drafted crime victim to care for his $2.7M benefactor

PORTSMOUTH — When a grateful resident asked police Sgt. Aaron Goodwin how she could thank him for investigating a crime at her home, Goodwin introduced the resident to the late Geraldine Webber, from whom the officer later inherited $2.7 million.

Former Weare Police Chief John Velleca

Weare said to launch internal investigation into secretary's claims

Officials in Weare are reportedly launching an internal investigation into abuse claims made against newly resigned police chief John Velleca by his former secretary and brief romantic partner. …

Former deputy police chief sues Seusing, Nashua; claims Seusing forced retirement

NASHUA – Former Deputy Police Chief Scott Howe has claimed in a lawsuit that Chief John Seusing connived to force his ouster from the police

Hooksett woman paralyzed by freak accident regains ability to walk, returns home to family

Seventy days after a freak diving accident left her unable to move, Jaime Carnucci returned home to Hooksett, New Hampshire, last week, walking through her front door in an incredible show of strength and determination.

Ex-Farmington fire chief pleads not guilty to theft of town funds

DOVER — Former Farmington Fire Chief Richard Fowler, 48, of 333 North Ave. in Skowhegan, Maine, who was charged with theft for allegedly taking more than $1,500 in town funds, pleaded not guilty to the charge Thursday morning.

NH blogger finds bathroom graffiti works of art

MANCHESTER, N.H., Oct. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the world's most unique art forms, bathroom graffiti, is now a regular blog that appears twice weekly on Jake Anderson's website, www.offthestallproject.com.

Two Seacoast area dogs diagnosed with leptospirosis

SEABROOK — An infectious disease widely found in the southern United States has been gradually making its way farther north. According to Dr. Christopher Baker of Old Town Animal Hospital, signs of a bacterial disease called leptospirosis has been showing up more and more in our area.

Wolfeboro man accused of shooting, burying moose

A Wolfeboro man has been arrested after officials said he illegally shot and buried a moose on his property.

Humane Society won't appeal revocation of gambling license

DOVER — The board of directors at Cocheco Valley Humane Society has decided it will not appeal the revocation of the organization’s bingo gaming license.

How my family survived 24 days traveling on Bitcoin

This summer, my family decided to add a bitcoin-only twist to our annual trip to New Hampshire for the Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest).

Courtney's story: Teens deadly tale of addiction begins with taking a job in Haverhill, Mass.

NEWTON, N.H. — In just three years, the Griffin family watched their 17-year-old daughter turn into a full-blown heroin addict. Courtney Griffin, 20, died of a heroin overdose on Sept. 29. Now, her family is speaking out about her addiction.

Garcia has conservative credentials, yet a moderate reputation

As a first-time congressional candidate, state Rep. Marilinda Garcia has spent much of the past year introducing herself to voters, and defining who she is and what her candidacy means.

Newport selectman tees off on school board over rate hike

'The tuition explanation is almost laughable,' said Fratzel, who called the administration’s statement in the newspaper 'spin.'

Obamacare tax significantly shrinks ranks of uninsured in NH

This year the number of uninsured in the state dropped from about 150,000 to 100,000, and that number is expected to shrink again in 2015.


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