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February 27. 2014 8:18PM

Soule kindergartners to move into new space

SALEM — When Soule Elementary School students return from vacation on Monday, some of them will find themselves in new classrooms.

Next week will be the first time students and staff will be able to take advantage of some of the work related to the major renovation project at the school.

"We will be seeing some students in a new location," said Superintendent Michael Delahanty. "Kindergarten students will be moving from where they are now to the new kindergarten room."

Contractors are finishing up some of the final work in that space this week, including bringing in the furniture and materials needed for the space.

"The painting is done and their cubbies are available," said Delahanty.In addition to the kindergarten classroom, some other new spaces will be available when students return."The library as it is now is a repurposed classroom," said Delahanty. "We are beginning the process of moving the books from the library to the new library space."

Although the books are being moved to the new library space, Delahanty said the flooring is not finished yet and, for a short time, the area will not be configured as a finished library and will be sharing space with several other programs.

The beginning of March will also see the principal and administration moving to their new offices, although Delahanty said there is still some flooring and other worked to be finished up there as well.

Work at the Fisk Elementary School is still several weeks behind schedule due to some ledge issues on the site early in the project.

Delahanty said the contractor will be working second shifts on the project, however, and that should help make up for some of the time. He said all the slab work has been completed in the new addition at Fisk and that the drywall work will begin shortly.

"The entire new space will be transformed, and I think they will work very quickly on that space," said Delahanty. He also praised the work being done by the contractor and subcontractors at both school sites.

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