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Union Leader editor on GOP conference media panel

Staff Report
March 14. 2014 2:38PM

NASHUA - Union Leader editorial page editor Drew Cline appeared in a media panel at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference on Friday with Rebecca Berg of the Washington Examiner and Steven Hayes of the Weekly Standard.

Cline said the often-heard Republican and conservative accusation that there is bias in the so-called mainstream media 'tends to be overstated.'

He said the GOP notion that editors in the large national media are involved in an official, or even informal, 'conspiracy' is 'baloney.'

But he said that while conservative young people tend to go into business, 'people who go to journalism school gravitate to the left.'

He also said that journalists are generally bored by any candidate, of either party, who speaks only in sound bites and repeats points made in speeches even in ostensibly spontaneous interview.

Hayes called it a 'selection bias,' and he has always appreciated the candidates and elected officials who are the 'most authentic.'

He cited former liberal Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Cline said any candidate, in order to win respect from journalists, should 'know what you believe and why you believe it,' and 'don't speak in talking points.'

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