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Calling Deep Throat: Where is Obama's Mark Felt?

March 13. 2014 9:50PM

The resignation of President Richard Nixon on Aug. 9, 1974, never would have happened without a whistleblower feeding information to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward.

Deep Throat, the source that kept Woodward and fellow reporter Carl Bernstein on track to eventually reveal the Nixon administration’s misdeeds to the nation, turned out to be FBI official Mark Felt. No one but Woodward, Bernstein and their editor would know Felt’s identity until 2005, when he stepped forward to reveal himself.

Today, there is a need for a Deep Throat again, this time to reveal the truth about the Obama administration’s IRS and how it chose to target conservative groups and keep them from organizing before the 2012 general election.

While Obama supporters mock such “conspiracy” talk, consider this: Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and conservative spokesperson, criticized President Obama’s health care overhaul during a prayer breakfast speech in February 2013 while Obama sat on the dais, captive to Carson’s words. It was a critical take on what the President wanted to do to health care coverage in America. Some Democrats called the speech disrespectful; Obama’s detractors called it bold. Either way, Carson’s criticism apparently didn’t go over well with somebody with some clout.

By May 2013, the IRS was all over Carson, doing a full-court review of his finances. It was an examination so thorough, it would have made a proctologist wince. Carson said the IRS found nothing, so the agents moved on to his family, friends and the charitable organizations he helps. Think that’s a coincidence?

Deep Throat knows the answer.

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