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Barack loves Jeanne: His most loyal Granite Stater

March 23. 2014 3:46PM

Scott Brown makes President Obama sad. “I’d be happy if Scott Brown wants to move down to Texas,” the President said in an interview with New England Cable News last week.

Every Democrat in New Hampshire had to be thinking the same thing. You could see it in the press releases the Democratic Party and Team Shaheen were rapidly firing out every day since Friday, March 14, when Brown announced his Senate exploratory committee.

President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen do not want to face Scott Brown in November. They view him as a very serious threat to the Obama agenda. We would say “Obama-Shaheen agenda,” but there is no Shaheen agenda. President Obama’s goals are her goals. His plans are her plans. His agenda, in whole, is her agenda.

Shaheen votes with the President 99 percent of the time, a Congressional Quarterly analysis of congressional voting records has found. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid votes with Obama only 90 percent of the time, by contrast. Radical liberals Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont vote with Obama less often than Jeanne Shaheen does. Even liberals Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter don’t top 90 percent.

“You know, we could always use some moderate Republicans in other parts of the country,” Obama said of Brown. “New Hampshire’s already got it covered with a great senator.”

Great for whom? Not the people of the Grante State. In the latest Boston Herald/Suffolk University poll, Obama posted a 40 percent job approval rating in New Hampshire. In the UNH poll before that, it was 41 percent. By marching in step with Obama, Shaheen is far out of step with New Hampshire.

Obama finds the thought of losing Jeanne Shaheen, D-Pennsylvania Ave., disheartening. Which has to make Brown pretty happy.


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