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Conform or else: Liberal tolerance in action

April 06. 2014 5:18PM

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned his position only 10 days after attaining it. According to CNNMoney, Eich resigned “after sparking outrage over his donation to an anti-same-sex marriage campaign.” Six years after.

Like a majority of Californians at the time (and Barack Obama and Joe Biden, by the way), Eich opposed same-sex marriage enough in 2008 to speak out against it. His way of doing that was to donate $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 movement. That ballot initiative banned same-sex marriage in California when it passed with 52 percent of the vote.

Six years later, he was named head of Mozilla, the maker of Internet browsers and email programs. Instantly, pressure groups called him a bigot and called for his head. In the America they are trying to create, dissent will not be tolerated.

Tomorrow, Ben & Jerry’s holds its annual Free Cone Day. An anti-Israeli group from Vermont, home of Ben & Jerry’s, plans protests at some of the retailer’s New England locations because Ben & Jerry’s makes and sells ice cream in Israel. Hate the same people we hate, or else.

This is tolerance as expressed by the American political left these days. Your views will be tolerated as long as they conform. If they don’t, you will be destroyed.


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