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April 27. 2014 9:25PM

Salem seeks bids for school district maintenance building

SALEM — Bids for the majority of the work on a nearly $200,000 maintenance and utility building for the school district are likely to come in next month.

As the major high school renovation gets underway in full force next year, Superintendent Michael Delahanty said the area that houses the current school garage will be demolished, necessitating the district’s need to get moving with the new maintenance building project.

District Director of Maintenance Jack Messenheimer has been working to line up the steps necessary to get the project underway and completed, Delahanty said.

Messenheimer said the district is going over the bids it recently received for the site work for the building.

He said the bids for foundation work, electrical, HVAC, and fire panels should be going out on May 12.With that schedule, Messenheimer said he hopes the district will have all bids in and ready to review by May 27.

“It will be a good structure, good for the area, and will have a lot of functionality for our district as well as for our grounds equipment,” said Messenheimer.

He said the new maintenance building will house all the equipment the district keeps in its current maintenance garage as well as some additional equipment.There has been some discussion as to whether the new building will be paid for out of the current school year funds or next year’s budget.

Delahanty said he will be making that recommendation next month, but that it looks like the funds will likely come from the current school year budget.

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