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May 04. 2014 10:20PM

Removing invasive weeds at Salem pond postponed

SALEM — The cleanup of invasive weeds at Arlington Pond will have to wait for at least another year.

Earlier this year, the Arlington Pond Protective Association agreed to pay for the town’s portion of a nearly $20,000 state grant, about 60 percent, for the clean up of the invasive aquatic species of European naiad and fanwort.

However, after concerns were raised by some residents living on Arlington Pond, members of the pond association met with Town Manager Keith Hickey and said they would like to postpone the application of the chemicals to eliminate the weeds.

Hickey said he spoke with state officials and they are okay with the town stopping the work this year and reapplying for the grant next year.

“I also spoke to a representative from the firm contracted to do the work and they are willing to stop,” said Hickey. “The Arlington Pond Protective Association has indicated that they will be willing to reimburse the town for any cost incurred by the company hired to do the work.”

Hickey said some Arlington Pond residents were unaware that there was going to be a treatment for the invasive weeds over the summer.

Selectman Everett McBride asked if the pond association would take steps to educate the public if it were to receive the grant next year.

“Between now and next spring, there is some time if they reapply for the grant, and I get the impression that they will hold some educational sessions to allow people to come in and ask questions about what is being proposed,” said Hickey.

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