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Motorist, police officer talk Manchester woman down from ledge

May 06. 2014 11:09AM

MANCHESTER - A Manchester police officer and a Madbury woman talked a distraught woman off the ledge of the Notre Dame Bridge Monday night.

Police were called to the span that crosses Bridge Street to find a 32-year-old despondent Manchester woman sitting on the ledge of the bridge, outside the guard rail.

Motorist Kate Filanoski of Madbury was driving by when she saw the woman and pulled over. Filanoski was talking to her, trying to convince her to climb back over the railing, when Officer Joe Ryan arrived.

Together, the two talked to the woman for about 20 minutes, eventually convincing her to come back over the railing to safety.

She was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

Police said Tuesday morning the woman is OK.

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