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Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Nothing Goofy about a kick in the seat


May 11. 2014 4:07PM

I AM WRITING this because grandsons Mike and Spike are unlikely to remember much of anything from the family’s recent trip to Disney World. Except maybe the car incident.

That would be the little toy car, one from the “Cars” movie, that three-year-old Mike picked out at one of the Epcot stores and, I was told, promptly dropped down a mouse-shaped drain.

But, according to the lady of the house, little Mike wasn’t bothered in the least. This seemed strange to me, but I wasn’t there (having callously abandoned the whole fam damily for a morning on one of the Mouse golf courses) so who was I to argue?

Imagine my surprise when, a few hours later, and safely back at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel (very nice), the lady of the house turned to Mike and said:

“Mike, tell PopPop what happened to your new car.”

Did I mention that Mike is three?

I can still hear Mike’s response. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard it back here in New Hampshire. Late one afternoon? Something like the sound of a wounded wildcat — or Lou D’Allesandro after another casino vote?

I think they call it post-traumatic something. Mike clearly had remembered dropping that brand new car and, what a surprise, he was upset about it.

Cut to the scene of “PopPop” and the lady of the house schlepping back to the Epcot store that evening for a replacement vehicle.

Lesson learned? No. A few days later, Mike was with us in another Disney store, killing time during a rain shower. His grandmother found a goofy-looking hat (really, it was a Goofy hat complete with ear flaps) and tried it on Mike.

Mike declared his satisfaction. (Did I mention Mike’s age? I thought so).

His grandmom pulled out the credit card and made the purchase. Within two seconds, Mike announced, “I don’t like this one,” took it off, and put on his old, but stylish, Spiderman chapeau.

Since brother Spike may also not recall his trip, he should know that he had a great time, especially on the flight home.

His parents thoughtfully suggested that “PopPop” sit in the middle row of seats. I thought it was so I could sleep.

Nope. It was a move so that when (not if) Spike kicked the seat in front of him, it wouldn’t bother a stranger.

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Publisher's Notebook

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