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May 23. 2014 11:31PM

Manchester Track: Four-event winner Case leads boys; Crusader girls outdistance Central

Memorial's Shawn Casey easily clears 11 feet on the pole vault at Livingston Park in Manchester on Friday. (Thomas Roy/Union Leader)

Manchester City Track and Field Meet Results

Girls: Memorial (101.5), Central (98), West (30.5), Trinity (23) and Derryfield (12).

100: Victoria Raymond, Memorial, 13.39; Chinese Gbaley, Memorial, 13.55; Alex Higgins, Trinity, 13.65; Decontee Tarlue, West, 13.95; Shaure Gilot, Memorial, 13.98; Trinay Bryan, Memorial, 14.21.

200: Amanda Torres, Trinity, 28.36; Victoria Raymond, Memorial, 28.60; Chinese Gbaley, Memorial, 29.10; Shaurie Gilot, Memorial, 29.17; Trinay Bryan, Memorial, 29.18; Chelsea Desmarais, Central, 29.27.

400: Rebecca Farren, Central, 1:03.40; Victoria Raymond, Memorial, 1:04.45; Corina Schonenberger, Central, 1:04.61; Chelsea Desmarais, Central, 1:06.29; Katya Levasseur, Central, 1:06.31; Meagan Nault, Memorial, 1:07.65.

800: Vanessa Monzon, Memorial, 2:30.84; Delaney Kimball, Trinity, 2:34.52; Kearsten Pichette, Central, 2:42.92; Chandler Tucker, Central, 2:44.56; Danielle Neild, Memorial, 2:47.23; Kim Arlen, Central, 2:50.19.

1600: Casey Hecox, Derryfield, 5:27.90; Emily Harris, Central, 5:31.55; Vanessa Monzon, Memorial, 5:42.00; Kearsten Pichette, Central, 5:46.34; Jennifer Murphy, Central, 5:46.37; Rebecca Walker, Central, 6:01.17.

3200: Casey Hecox, Derryfield, 11:54.36; Emily Harris, Central, 12:01.44; Jennifer Murphy, Central, 12:57.71; Caitlyn VanAvery, Central, 13:10.68; Rebecca Walker, Central, 13:19.34; Abigail Petersen, Central, 14:41.61.

100 hurdles; Natasha Cote, Trinity, 17.35; Ajla Mustafic, Central, 17.90; Arianna Cross, Memorial, 17.94; Hannah Avard, West, 18.17, Alexandra Nelson, Central, 18.67; Kiki DiGiantommaso, Memorial, 19.23.

300 hurdles: Ajla Mustafic, Central, 51.66; Alexa Carpenter, Memorial, 53.75; Alanis Pope, Memorial, 55.61; Amanda Page, Memorial, 56.93; Arianna Cross, Memorial, 58.28. Kiki DiGiantommaso, Memorial, 1:00.94.

4x100: Memorial (Gbaley, Gilot, Bryan, DiGinatommaso), 53.92; Trinity (Chaput, Torres, Cote, Masci), 54.78; Central (Hassan, Jearuc, Levasseur, Levasseur), 54.86; West (Avard, Holt, Jimenez, Tarlue), 55.85.

4x400: Central (Desmarais, Farren, Schonenberger, Lachance), 4:27.63; Memorial (Monzon, Nault, Neild, Mahon), 4:28.59; West (Nelson, Shuter, Tan, Avard), 5:12.92.

High Jump: Rebecca Farren, Central, 4-08; Kearsten Pichette, Central, 4-06; Jacqueline DiPietro, Memorial, 4-03; Alex Nelson, West, 4-03; Devon Bourgeois, Memorial, 4-01; Michelle Schooner, Memorial, 4-01.

Pole Vault: Kelsey Lee-Donnelly, Memorial, 8-00; Vanessa Avard, West, 7-06; Michelle Bui, Memorial, 7-00; Jailyn Discua, Memorial, 6-06.

Long Jump: Chinese Gbaley, Memorial, 14-09.25; Alexandra Nelson, Central, 14-03.50; Alexa Carpenter, Memorial, 13-09.50; Hannah Avard, West, 13-08.00; Katya Levasseur, Central, 13-07.25; Decontee Tarlue, West, 13-04.25.

Triple Jump: Alexandra Nelson, Central, 31-07.75; Decontee Tarlue, West, 29-02.75; Kelsey Lee-Donnelly, Memorial, 29-00.50; Darimar Jimenez, West, 27-07.75; Michelle Bui, Memorial, 27-02.00; Jailyn Discua, Memorial, 26-09.00.

Shot Put: Grace Adekoya, West, 32-08.00; Dominique Pascoal, Central, 28-04.00; Samantha Dwire, Central, 27-10.00; Meaghan Six, Memorial, 26-02.00; Cynthia Djeumen, Memorial, 25-01.50; Raquel Pratte, Trinity, 23-02.00.

Discus: Michelle Bui, Memorial, 86-05; Heaven Jimenez, Central, 85-09; Dominique Pascoal, Central, 73-03; Samantha Dwire, Central, 63-03; Grace Adekoya, West, 61-09; Deanna Petion, Memorial, 54-10.

Javelin: Dominique Pascoal, Central, 114-07; Meaghan Six, Memorial, 95-09; Ginnella Medina, Memorial, 89-01; Alex Nelson, West, 84-04; Samantha Dwire, Central, 79-03.

- - - - - - - -

Boys: Memorial (133.50, Central (69), Trinity (49), West (12.5) and Derryfield (1).

100: Davin Cross, Memorial, 11.59; Saikou Bah, Trinity, 11.61; Daquan Henclewood, Memorial, 11.99; Brad Rhoades, Trinity, 12.00; Konnor Burke, Memorial, 12.05; Malik Campbell-Green, Memorial, 12.08.

200: Davin Cross, Memorial, 23.68; Saikou Bah, Trinity, 23.90; Daquan Hencelwood, Memorial, 24.17; Uri-Jaun Hall, Memorial, 24.76; Malik Campbell-Green, Memorial, 25.51; Tristian Chicione, Memorial, 25.78.

400: Nicholas Boire, Trinity, 52.20; Pat Kiritsy, Central, 54.01; Josh Cote, Memorial, 56.46; Anuj Khadka, Central, 56.93; Carlos Turner, Trinity, 57.16; Matt Garrell, Central, 59.16.

800: Brett Hoerner, Memorial, 2:03.15; Byrne Cronin, Trinity, 2:03.63; Pat Kiritsy, Central, 2:07.25; James Wichert, Central, 2:11.11; Tim Zepf, Trinity, 2:12.01; Anthony Pizzutillo, Memorial, 2:12.83.

1600: Brett Hoerner, Memorial, 4:24.40; Abram Gagnon, Central, 4:45.32; Carl Harris, Central, 4:47.68; Chris Whittle, Central, 4:52.59; Brandon Manero, Central, 4:53.64; Ryan Nordle, Central, 4:54.31.

3200: Abram Gagnon, Central, 9:53.77; Davis Clark, Memorial, 10:04.42; Carl Harris, Central, 10;38.91; Chris Whittle, Central, 10:45.51; Sam Richmond, Derryfield, 10:47.82; Patrick Finocchiaro, Derryfield, 10:54.76.

110 Hurdles: Shawn Case, Memorial, 16.07; William MacDonald, Memorial, 17.88; Hervis Elezi, Memorial, 19.11; Joseph Discua, Memorial, 19.37; Josh Lussier, Memorial, 19.70; Gabriel Carpenter-Jeffers, Memorial, 19.71.

300 Hurdles; Shawn Case, Memorial, 45.19; Josh Lussier, Memorial, 45.60; Geoff Tacker, Memorial, 46.22; Hervis Elezi, Memorial, 47.11; Anuj Khadka, Central, 48.67; Joseph Discua, Memorial, 49.87.

4x100: Memorial (Mwano, Campbell-Green, Cross, Henclewood), 45.27; Trinity (Bah, Banfield, Sanchez, Rhodes), 47.22; Central (Holmes, Johnson, Khadka, Garrell) 49.26.

4x400: Central (Nordle, Kiritsy, Khadka, Gagnon), 3:43.71; Memorial (Pizzutillo, Tacker, Hall, Hoerner), 3:43.81; Trinity (Boire, Cronin, Zepf, Turner), 4:01.37; West (Carr, Gomes-Boisvert, Tendler, Farooq), 4:25.46.

High Jump: Tyler Palmer, Memorial, 5-08.00; Caleb Grenon, Memorial, 5-03.00; Pat Kiritsy, Central, 5-03.00; Stephen Letvinchuk, Trinity, 5-03.00; Myles Gomes-Boisvert, West, 5-00.00; Konnor Burke, 5-00.00.

Pole Vault: Shawn Case, Memorial, 11-00; Joseph Discua, Memorial, 10-00; Jacob Pawlak, West, 8-00.00; Rick Duran-McEwan, Memorial, 8-00.00.

Long Jump: Nicholas Boire, Trinity, 18-02.75; Lucas Garner, Memorial, 17-11.00; Stephen Letvinchuk, Trinity, 17-07.75; Konnor Burke, Memorial, 17-05.50; Matt Garrell, Central, 17-05.25; Tristian, Memorial, 16-09.75.

Triple Jump: Shawn Case, Memorial, 39-07.50; Stephen Letvinchuk, Trinity, 38-08.00; Lucas Garner, Memorial, 38-00.00; Uri-Jaun Hall, Memorial, 35-09.00; Tyler Palmer, Memorial, 35-00.50; Tyler Bujwid, Memorial, 33-06.75.

Shot Put: Matt Brouillet, West, 42-08.50; Ian Landry, Trinity, 41-10.50; William MacDonald, Memorial, 40-02.50; Ryan Kelley, Central, 36-11.00; Nick Perdue, Trinity, 36-10.00; Andres Teteault, Memorial, 35-06.50.

Discus: Jacob Stanko, Central, 110-00; DeCory Francis, Central, 105-10; Matt Brouillet, West, 100-00; Javen Morse, Central, 98-09; Andres Teteault, 96-10; Wiliam MacDonald, 96-09.

Javelin: Jacob Stanko, Central, 137-06; Adam O'Neil, Memorial, 119-03; Christopher LaSalle, Memorial, 118-11; Javen Morse, Central, 114-06; DeCory Francis, Central, 111-06; Matt Brouillet, West, 109-02.

MANCHESTER — There was no slowing down the Manchester Memorial track and field teams Friday, when the Crusaders swept the Manchester City Track and Field Meet held in wet conditions at Livingston Park.

The Memorial boys received four victories from senior Shawn Case and breezed to victory in the five-team field. Memorial earned 133.5 points. Central was second with 69, followed by Trinity of Manchester with 49, Manchester West with 12.5 and Derryfield School with 1.

The Memorial boys have won the city meet in each of the last 11 years.

The event was much more competitive on the girls side, where Memorial edged Central 101.5-98. West was third with 30.5, followed by Trinity with 23 and Derryfield with 12.

Case was named the meet’s MVP among boys. He prevailed in the 110-meter hurdles (16.07 seconds), the 300 hurdles (45.19), the pole vault (11 feet) and the triple jump (39-7.5). He also won four events at last year’s city meet.

“I did as good as I can expect in this kind of weather,” Case said. “I take it seriously, but once I know I’m safely in first place I’ll back off from the event to save myself and make sure I can score my team as many points as possible.”

Case, who will be on the track and field team at the University of New Hampshire in the fall, said he’s hoping to take first place in the pole vault at next week’s Division I Meet at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton.

“I’ve been improving and improving,” Case said. “I feel like I’ve figured some things out in pole vault this year. If I can put it all together at the state meet I feel like I could definitely be a threat.”

Memorial’s Davin Cross and Brett Hoerner each won two events. Cross won the 100 (11.59) and the 200 (23.68). Hoerner, a junior, prevailed in the 800 (2:03.15) and the 1,600 (4:24.40).

“I was using this as practice (for the Division I meet) honestly,” Hoerner said. “I think I’ve improved a lot this year. Just worked harder.”

Trinity’s Nicholas Boire and Central’s Jacob Stanko were the other boys who won multiple events. Boire won the 400 (52.20) and the long jump (18-2.75). Stanko took the discus (110-00) and the javelin (137-06).

The Memorial girls received individual victories from Victoria Raymond (100), Vanessa Monzon (800), Kelsey Lee-Donnelly (pole vault), Chinese Gbaley (long jump) and Michelle Bui (discus). The Crusaders also won the 4x100 relay.

Central sophomore Rebecca Farren was the MVP among girls. Farren won the 400 (1:03.40), the high jump (4-8) and ran the anchor leg on Central’s victorious 4x400 relay team. Farren has been hampered by injuries this spring, but said she was 100 percent healthy Friday.

“I was thinking I’d be close up there in my events, but I didn’t think I’d finish first,” Farren said. “Our 4x4 team really wanted to win. That was the highlight of the day.”

Derryfield’s Casey Hecox was the only other girl who won more than one event. Hecox finished first in the 1,600 and the 3,200.

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