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May 29. 2014 9:50PM

Good luck, vets; Obama doesn't care

If it were not clear to some people before, it should be clear to all Americans now that President Obama just doesn’t care. His lack of leadership in the Veterans Affairs scandal has been appalling. Whatever he does now will be rightly seen as too little, too late.

It is unclear how many veterans have waited needless days and months for proper care. It is unclear how many have actually died while bureaucrats seeking bonuses simply shredded records or never wrote them down.

But it is clear that a President who likes to toss off “executive orders” by the boatload stood by and did nothing for weeks on end when he should have stepped up and led.

He didn’t need to wait for Wednesday’s report, which only reaffirmed what was already well-established. He should have long since ordered a list of all the veterans who have been on waiting lists for primary care visits and he should have ordered that this list be cleared, not within weeks or months, but immediately.

He should have had that list on his desk today and have it cleared within 48 hours, either by VA appointments or by calling on civilian hospitals and others to provide it.

The President could have had the nation unified on this one. He blew it. He just doesn’t care.

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