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Obama's world: Must be nice there

June 17. 2014 8:29PM

Given the brazen challenges to American authority issued by Russia, China, Syria and now the al-Qaida offshoot trying to overrun Iraq, the still unresolved issue of Iran’s nuclear program, and our pressing immigration problem, one would think that the Secretary of State would be far too busy for anything else. However, such an idea presupposes that the President and Secretary of State are responsible adults who take their roles as world leaders seriously. That presupposition would be wrong.

On Tuesday Secretary of State John Kerry was not in Baghdad or Damascus or Moscow or Beijing, or in London or Paris or Islamabad to confer with our allies and partners to try to contain the growing threats to us and them. No, he was chillin’ with Leonardo DiCaprio — at a State Department conference on the fate of the oceans.

Coinciding with the conference, the Obama administration leaked the President’s plan to expand by hundreds of thousands of square miles the U.S.-controlled ocean waters protected from fishing and drilling.

Actual human beings are actually dying right now — in acts of aggression undertaken with the knowledge that the leader of the free world will do nothing — and President Obama’s attention is focused on fish of the future. The real world burns while this President plays in his make-believe one.


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