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June 23. 2014 10:45PM

Salem school district uses unspent funds at end of school year for purchases, improvements

SALEM — With the school year coming to an end, the district has some extra money in its coffers to take care of some additional costs.

Some of that money will be used to purchase additional whiteboards, paper, a new firewall for the high school’s computer system, and help pay for some potential drainage improvements at the North Salem Elementary School.

The district is coming to the end of the school year with an unreserved fund balance of approximately $1.3 million, according to Superintendent Michael Delahanty.

“We had projected an unreserved fund balance of approximately $1.3 million, so we had a bit more revenue than we had anticipated back in the fall,” said Delahanty.

At a recent School Board meeting, board member Bernard Campbell asked that the district maintain an unreserved fund balance of $1.2 million.

“That leaves a remaining unreserved fund balance of $130,000 that will allow us to purchase some items that are now priorities without falling below the $1.2 million,” said Delahanty.

Money to help solve some drainage issues at the North Salem Elementary School was not included in Delahanty’s list of priority items.

Campbell suggested cutting the money set aside for paper in half, leaving about $12,000 for potential work at the North Salem School.

Delahanty originally proposed spending $45,000 on paper out of the unreserved fund balance, covering about 50 percent of the projected 2014-15 paper budget.

“We can still take advantage of the (current) bid price if we purchase before July 1,” said Delahanty. “After that, we do not know what the price will be, but we anticipate there will be an increase. We can reduce the amount of paper if that is a concern.”The board agreed with Campbell’s recommendation to reduce the paper purchase to about $22,000, leaving a balance available for the potential drainage work.

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