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June 24. 2014 10:47PM

Salem selectmen tackle sign issues

SALEM — There never seems to be an end to discussions about signs in town, specifically, what signs can go where.

According to Selectmen Chairman Pat Hargreaves, recent discussions have focused on where political signs can be placed and what happens to them when they end up where they shouldn’t be.

The signs are not allowed within 10 feet for veterans’ markers, on town property and or in public rights of way, Hargreaves said.

Any illegally placed signs that are picked by the Public Works Department are taken to the ballfield near the transfer station, where the town legally has to keep them for seven days past the appropriate election before it can dispose of them.

Selectman Stephen Campbell said his only concern with the process is that while the town is legally required to keep the signs for the allotted time, the ballfield is not technically in the town’s control.

He asked if there was somewhere else to keep the signs under tighter town control.

Selectman Everett McBride said the signs have been stored at the field for years.

“There are a lot of candidates that should be aware that you don’t put them in the right of way,” he said. “I’m sick and tired of (candidates) putting them where they are not supposed to be.”

Hargreaves agreed that the greater responsibility should fall on the candidates.

“I’m not paying one of our employees to guard other people’s signs,” he said. “They are breaking the law by putting the signs where they’re not supposed to be.”

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