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Police urge vigilance, but not alarm, after bombs found in Barnstead

Union Leader Correspondent

June 24. 2014 11:01PM

BARNSTEAD – Police found three detonated homemade bombs in town Tuesday at three different spots, but they don’t believe there is any cause for fear of terrorism or bomb blasts.

But police are asking the public for help in finding who made the Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs, which are similar to bombs made and used to maim and kill people overseas, said Barnstead Police Sgt. Joe McDowell.

They are also asking residents of the Locke Lake Colony, where the bombs were found, to keep their eyes open in case there are more devices.

Federal and state Homeland Security officials have been made aware of the devices, but there is no reason for residents to fear for their safety at this point, McDowell said. They are asking people to be aware and report any suspicious devices, he said.

“We’re asking for information from the public on where these bombs came from, but we are mostly asking people to be aware in case there are more of them, and to report anything to us immediately,” he said.

The first IED was found at 7:16 a.m. on Halfmoon Bay Road, McDowell said. A passerby reported the suspicious device in pieces.

“It’s hard to describe what it looks like, but people should be aware for something that just doesn’t look right,” McDowell said.

The second device was found nearby at Dalton Road later in the day. A third device had been found on Monday near a colony beach by colony workers, he said.

The devices, which were all found detonated and in pieces, had the range to blow up a whole section of road, but they had not been used to kill or maim anyone.”

Though they don’t want residents to be fearful, police said the devices were clearly not made as part of a class project or something as innocent.

“Given the materials found around the exploded bombs, we can tell that these are not friendly devices, they are made to do tremendous destruction,” he said.

Police had no suspects in the case as on Tuesday night. Anyone with information is asked to call 269-4281.

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