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Hundreds gather at Stratham farm to support Scott Brown

Union Leader Correspondent

July 02. 2014 9:45PM
U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown looks to warm up voters under the hot sun at Scammon Farm in Stratham Wednesday afternoon. The former U.S. Republican senator from Massachusetts is pictured here with his wife, Gail, and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, who was there to endorse him as the Republican candidate to face Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. (APRIL GUILMET)

STRATHAM — It’s been several years since former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stood onstage in a Stratham cow pasture. But it was apparent that he still has plenty of friends in the Granite State.

The former Massachusetts governor was a guest speakers at Wednesday’s rally for Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Scott Brown at Doug and Stella Scammons’ farm. Romney got a standing ovation as he strode onstage.

“This is a critical year for Republicans,” Romney said. “We’re at a crossroads right now. The economy has been bumping along, and our current President’s agenda hasn’t helped matters.”

Overhead, a plane circled bearing a banner reading “Go Scott Go” as “The Pride of America,” sung by Brown’s daughter, Ayla, wafted through the speakers.

The former Massachusets U.S. senator, who attended the rally with wife Gail and other daughter, Arianna, echoed Romney’s sentiments as he addressed the crowd of several hundred people.

“Six years into the Obama administration, this is the year we need to take back the Senate,” he told them, eliciting cheers. “I say, let that change begin right here in New Hampshire.”

During his brief speech, Brown criticized incumbent U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., whom he is challenging. He called her a “rubber stamp senator” because of her tendency to agree with President Obama.

“She’s a very nice person, but she’s just not the voice New Hampshire expects or deserves,” Brown said.

Also attending were state Senate President Chuck Morse and former Gov. John H. Sununu, who said he “couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his 75th birthday.”

Sununu also took a moment to express his thoughts on the current President, noting a recent public poll in which President Obama was selected as “the worst President since World War II.”

“The public is already understanding that its self-appointed emperor has no clothes,” Sununu said.

Michigan residents Marilyn and Michael Roche, who spend their summer vacations in Rye, said they decided to check out the rally because they’re both “huge Romney supporters.”

Michael Roche, who bears a strong resemblance to Brown, grinned knowingly as several passersby stopped to snap his photo, or simply give him a thumbs up.

“That’s been happening a lot in New Hampshire,” he laughed.

Newfields resident Judy Scott said she has high hopes for Brown.

“I feel he’s a force that would be honorable and correct and would be willing to work with others on both sides of the aisle,” Scott said. “And that’s what Congress needs right now.”

Contacted earlier on Wednesday, Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Thomas McGee criticized both Romney and Brown, noting that he once served with both.

“I can tell you they are more interested in promoting themselves and corporate special interests than fighting for middle-class families,” McGee said. “When you get down to it, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney are really just both a couple of failed Massachusetts politicians who own summer homes in New Hampshire and stand with Wall Street and Big Oil at the expense of working families.”

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley concurred.

“Brown’s record is clear: He sides with Big Oil, Wall Street and the corporate special interests who pay for his campaigns,” Buckley said. “Now they’re trying to buy him New Hampshire’s Senate seat.”

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