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Accused Abby kidnapper Kibby had past minor brushes with police

Union Leader Correspondent

July 29. 2014 11:30PM

Court documents released Tuesday detailed a string of Nathaniel E. Kibby’s past brushes with the law, many beginning in 1998, when Kibby resided in North Conway.

In that year alone, Kibby was charged with 17 offenses, all but one a misdemeanor. The sole felony charge — for the sale, transportation or manufacture of a drug — was not prosecuted. He was, however, found guilty of simple assault, contempt of a bail order, four counts of criminal trespass, providing false information to purchase a firearm, three counts of receiving stolen property and resisting arrest.

In 1998, charges of criminal trespass, possession of a controlled drug, possession of burglary tools, disobeying a police officer and contempt of a bail order were also not prosecuted.

More recently, Kibby was charged in December 2013 with possession of marijuana and was found guilty in Conway District Court. In March, Kibby allegedly went to a residence on East Conway Road where he confronted a woman and a man that resulted in charges of simple assault, prowling and loitering, and criminal trespass. The incident stemmed from a motor-vehicle collision in which Kibby reportedly rear-ended the man’s truck.

Kibby pleaded guilty on July 23 to the last charge.

When he was arrested in February in connection with the three above charges, Conway police took a Ruger LC9 from Kibby, and Kibby — who subsequently surrendered 11 firearms to the Gorham Police Department — filed a motion asking for it back.

The Gorham police, Kibby noted, found “no substantive justification for prosecution in their professional judgment,” adding that the accusation underlying the Conway charges that resulted in police taking his gun was “absurd & not credible based upon my character & my objectivist libertarian moral code.”

On the same day that he made the request to have his handgun returned, Kibby filed what he titled a “criminal incident report” with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office in which he asked the agency to investigate the man whose truck he allegedly struck for threatening him.

The request was made to the sheriff, Kibby wrote, “because I have no faith in the objective investigative abilities of the Conway Police Department. In my eyes, they are an immoral organized crime syndicate. Experience has taught me to look elsewhere for valid law enforcement personnel.”

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