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Antiques in Manchester show connects collectors from near and far

August 02. 2014 10:24PM
This booth shows offerings from Elliott and Grace Snyder Egremont, Mass., at Antiques in Manchester. (Courtesy)

Antiques in Manchester will also feature pieces from Peter H. Eaton of Newbury, Mass. Courtesy

What is it about antiques and Americana that draw us all to Manchester in the summer?

Those of us who have been collecting for many years wouldn't miss this opportunity to connect with people from all over the country who come here to relish the joys of the past and acquire them in order to enrich their present and their futures. Of course, we must credit the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association with starting on this path.

I often feel that it is the collective experience that draws us all to this little city in New Hampshire. In Manchester, we are surrounded by people who understand us and relate to our love of the hunt for that special thing that we will cherish.

While it is the objects we technically strive to acquire, I think it is the connection to other like souls that draws us from near and far and makes it a fun experience to line up hours before the shows open so that we can talk to old friends and acquaintances. Where else do you sit down at tables with people you hardly know to share a conversation about all the things and people you have seen?

If we did not seek those connections, we could all just shop online - there are so many opportunities in that arena. But I believe we are looking for something more. Just acquiring things is not the only object here.

We are looking to link to others and to share the communal experience of appreciation of the creativity of humanity. It is in our makeup to want to share our knowledge and appreciation with others, and so, we flock to Manchester during the first week of August to revel in the abundance of incredible opportunities to collect, connect and enjoy.

This is the third year for Antiques in Manchester. We seem to have become an established stop for everyone who is in town on Wednesday or Thursday. This year we are, as always, so pleased to have all of the dealers who are returning and bringing great, fresh additions to the market material. We welcome American Sampler from Maryland, specializing in figural cast iron and Americana; Joseph Martin from Brownington, Vt., specializing in folk art and American furniture; and Robert Snyder and Judy Wilson of Wiscasset, Maine, specializing in Americana and hooked rugs and weather vanes.

Until recently, we had hoped to enjoy the company of Paul Scott, but unfortunately, his recovery from surgery is taking much longer than planned. We all wish him well and hope he will be able to do the show in 2015. In his place will be J. and R. Ferris LLC, from Boonville, N.Y., a specialist in 18th and 19th century American militaria.

As you anticipate the show, get a preview of things you might see there by checking out our Facebook page (Antiques in Manchester) for pictures of objects and the great stories that go with them. There are lots of photos on our website

Come to the show, spend the afternoon - connect, communicate, learn and enjoy - we invite you to ask questions. The dealers in this show have a wealth of knowledge that they are happy to share with you. We can hardly wait to see you all.

- Karen and Ralph DiSaia

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