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August 05. 2014 9:49PM

Salem selectmen approve updated 10-year road plan

SALEM — Selectmen recently approved the updated 10-year road improvement program for the town.

The plan lays out the roads that will be reconstructed as well as maintained over the coming decade.

Over the next 10 years, 27 miles of road are scheduled to be reconstructed and 44 miles of the town’s 182 miles of public roads will be maintained, according to Bob Puff, who serves as the town’s engineering director as well as the chairman of its road committee.

Over the next 10 years, if funding remains consistent, all town roads which are in need of reconstruction will be rebuilt. Puff said all roads with a pavement condition index (PCI) of under 61 are considered for reconstruction and are in the road plan.

“If you are on a road that needs to be reconstructed, we will get to you in this 10-year plan as currently funded,” said Puff.

Selectman Michael Lyons noted that residents will be able to see if their roads are in the plan on the town’s website.

“If you live on a bad road, you should be able to go to the town’s website and see the road in the plan,” said Lyons.

The road plan assumes that the town will continue to fund road projects at the 2014 approved figure of $4.615 million annually with an inflation adjustment of three percent per year.

As the road committee has met over the past several months, Puff said it has taken a closer look at making sure neighborhood roads are included for reconstruction along with main roads.

Over the next three years, he said at least one neighborhood road is scheduled for reconstruction. He also noted that from 2018-20, the focus will be almost exclusively on neighborhood roads.

However, over the next three years, Puff said there will be a focus on reconstructing several main roads that are in bad shape.

In 2015, the roads slated for reconstruction include Main Street from Pleasant Street to North Policy Street, North Policy Street near the town’s treatment plant, and Cornwall Court.

In 2016, reconstruction is scheduled for half of Haverhill Road, Town Farm Road, and South Shore Road. In 2017, reconstruction of the second half of Haverhill Road is scheduled, along with Stanley Brook Drive and Klein Drive.

“There has also been a lot of discussion over the past year about the so-called short roads, roads that are under 500 feet,” said Puff. “We have looked at those and reincorporated them into the capital plan based on the PCI ratings.”

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