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Market Basket and Demoulas frequently asked questions.

August 07. 2014 6:41PM

Every individual and his or her circumstances will be reviewed separately. NH Employment Security is required by law to attempt to get the facts from both the employee and the employer, then make a determination of eligibility based upon state and federal law and rules. Each situation is unique and the facts will determine whether an individual will receive benefits, or not.

• When completing my Work History, what do I put down for LAST DAY WORKED if I am still working for the company but my hours have just been cut?

Enter the last day you physically reported to work before the day that you filed your claim.

• When completing my work history, what do I put down for REASON FOR SEPARATION if I am still working for the company but my hours have been reduced?

If your hours have been cut and you had no control over that, choose STILL EMPLOYED, then HOURS REDUCED for the DETAILED REASON.

If you have consciously chosen to reduce your availability for work, or you choose not to go to work when you were scheduled, choose STILL EMPLOYED, then REFUSED WORK for the DETAILED REASON.

• When completing my work history, what do I put down for REASON FOR SEPARATION if I didn’t quit or get fired but am not working because my store location is temporarily closed?

If you would have gone to work if your store location was open, choose LAYOFF, then TEMPORARY (4 weeks or less) or TEMPORARY (more than 4 weeks) for the DETAILED REASON, depending on your particular circumstances.

If you had control over whether the store location was closed or you would not have gone to work even if the store was open, choose QUIT and then choose a DETAILED REASON that meets your specific circumstances.

• What do I do after completing my application?

Follow the instructions provided at the end of the claim.

You must file a timely continued claim for each week you are partially or totally unemployed for which you wish to be paid benefits. When filing a weekly continued claim, you must report any and all wages earned during the week that you are filing for, from all sources and whether or not you have yet been paid.

• Will I be eligible for benefits?

Every situation is unique and no instant answer can be given. Basic eligibility conditions are that you be able to work, available for work and unemployed due to no fault of your own. Your individual circumstances will be reviewed and a determination of eligibility made.

Generally speaking, if an individual voluntarily refuses to work scheduled hours or shifts, or voluntarily quits their job when work is available for them, unemployment benefits are not payable.

Generally speaking, if an individual’s hours are cut or they are let go because there is not enough work, unemployment benefits are payable.

Generally speaking, if an individual is fired for not reporting to work when scheduled, or fired for refusing to follow their employer’s direction, unemployment benefits are not payable.

• When will I get paid?

If you are eligible for benefits, payment for any timely weeks claimed will be issued after a determination of eligibility is made.

• If I change my mind and want to cancel my claim, how do I do that?

If you have not yet completed the application, just Exit the program or close the window. The claim information will be discarded after 24 hours.

If you have completed your application and received a confirmation number but do not wish to pursue potential benefit payment, do not file a weekly continued claim.

• Now I don’t have a job – what do I do?

Please visit our website for the locations of our offices, “frequently asked questions” about the unemployment program, and access to file a claim and search for work.

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