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Editorial: Jim Adams The GOP choice in Council Dist. 4

August 19. 2014 6:14PM

We elect people to the Executive Council for their sound and sober judgment. At least, we should. Jim Adams, running for the District 4 council seat, has that, and Republicans would be well represented by making him their nominee.

Adams has the sort of management skills and executive experience sorely needed on the council today. As district manager for the U.S. Postal Service in New Hampshire and Vermont, he ably managed a large agency with a large budget. A councilor’s primary duties are to examine contracts and a governor’s top personnel decisions, and Adams has the experience to make himself a genuine check on the governor’s power in both of those areas. His resume is impressive, and his story is the kind Republicans would benefit from showcasing. He started out a blue collar guy working for the post office, but he worked his way all the way up to Washington, D.C., becoming chief of staff to three different postmasters general. The duties of an executive councilor? He can easily handle those.

Adams also is a real fiscal conservative who can be trusted to vote against wasteful spending. Republicans in the district might have heard Adams’ primary rival, Robert Burns, dismiss Adams as a postal worker, a union guy, and an establishment stooge. They should ignore the clownish buffoonery coming from Burns, who is trying desperately to distract voters from the fact that he got only 42 percent of the vote against Chris Pappas in 2012. Had the Republicans put up a better nominee last time, Pappas might not be on the council today.In Executive Council District 4, Jim Adams is the obvious choice for Republicans.


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