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Mooney in Senate 11: A hard-working conservative

August 21. 2014 6:03PM

Republicans in state Senate District 11 have a capable, conservative and ready-to-lead candidate in former state Rep. Maureen Mooney of Merrimack. She is the right nominee to replace retired Sen. Peter Bragdon.

Mooney is a solid conservative who would be hard pressed to stray from the party platform, considering she helped write it. One of her opponents refers to her as an “establishment Republican,” an obvious attempt to portray her as too squishy for primary voters. Do not be fooled; Maureen Mooney is no liberal Republican. She should be thanked for her years of service to the party, not crticized for it.

Mooney is a conviction conservative who knows how to work well with others. She can disagree without being disagreeable, which is a trait that seems in short supply these days, despite its value.

She is well known in Merrimack not just as a Republican, but as a regular volunteer for other civic organizations. She is someone who cares about her community and takes the time to help make it a better place.

Republicans also would have in Mooney a candidate (and a senator) who works harder than anyone else. She will never lose a vote for lack of effort.

For the Republican voters of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford and Wilton, Maureen Mooney is the best choice for state Senate.


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