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Wheeler in Dist. 5: A GOP fighter for the little guy

August 26. 2014 7:06PM

Republicans in Executive Council District 5 have a council candidate they know they can trust on issue after issue. He is Dave Wheeler, and he deserves the party’s nomination.

No matter the issue, you always know where Dave Wheeler stands. He is not afraid to state his positions very clearly. He does not beat around any bushes. If you ask him what he thinks about a topic, he will tell you.

And his positions are responsible ones. Wheeler is a reliable vote for sound budgeting. He will not vote for contracts that are unneeded or overfunded. He will not vote for contracts that the state obviously cannot afford. His past record on the council shows that he puts the taxpayers first.

That includes not approving disastrous Obamacare contracts or wasting money on commuter rail studies designed to promote billion-dollar boondoggles.

And Wheeler would actually read the contracts. He has always been an advocate of transparency, of making sure that constituents have the opportunity to weigh in on state contracts before councilors vote. That is an important check on corruption and overspending, and Wheeler has always been a passionate champion.

If Republicans want a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and open government — in other words, someone to look out for the little guy — then Wheeler is the right choice.

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