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Garcia vs. Lambert: Who is to be trusted?

September 03. 2014 7:41PM

Early in his campaign for Congress, Gary Lambert was privately telling Republicans that they should choose him because Marilinda Garcia was too conservative. Now he is calling her a “liberal.” If he thought Republican primary voters would not notice, he was mistaken. That he thought they could be so easily duped shows just how low is his opinion of them.

To our knowledge, Lambert is the only one who has ever called Marilinda Garcia liberal. Republican voters might want to double check that claim. One way to do that would be to see who is backing each candidate.

Lining up behind Garcia are the Club for Growth, GOPAC, FreedomWorks, the Susan B. Anthony List, and the editorial page of this newspaper.

Lining up behind Lambert are the liberal Concord Monitor and somewhat less liberal Telegraph of Nashua.

That should tell Republican primary voters plenty.

Lambert’s shifting attacks on Garcia reveal more than his disdain for Republican primary voters. Lambert has spent much of the campaign saying he should be elected because he is not a career politician. Voters sick of politics as usual in Washington can trust him to be straight with them, he says. But in this primary Lambert is the one who has eagerly embraced the very sort of politics he decries. His dishonest attacks and desperate efforts to tell primary voters whatever they want to hear are exactly the behaviors voters say they despise in politicians.

Republican primary voters are not as dumb as Gary Lambert thinks they are. We trust they will ignore his smears and elect the candidate who more closely reflects their own views and who treats them with enough respect to be honest with them: Marilinda Garcia.

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