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December 13. 2014 5:18PM

Oh, a foot of snow, and topics, please



While on this past Tuesday and Wednesday much of the state was getting a little bit of snow and a lot of sleet and rain, in the high country north (and just south) of the notches we were getting snow. In my case, almost a foot.

All well and good, because a foot of snow is no big deal, but a thaw and rain on top of it is, for sure. I got up at 6 and was out moving snow for an hour, away from barnyard doorways and outdoor furnace, where a plow could catch it.

The trick is to move this water-soaked snow to where you want it, because it's likely to be there until spring.

Late fellow columnist Stacey Cole loved chickadees, which have several varieties across the lower boreal forest and unlike most birds stay in the North Woods for the winter, the most visible here being the black-capped.

Their call is chick-a-dee, or chick-a-dee-dee, with more syllables added on order of alarm.

On Friday, I was cleaning the wet mush out of bird feeders, the result of a lot of warm weather, rain, sleet and snow, and filling them up, and chickadees came flitting all around, practically sitting on my shoulders. Not an extra "dee-dee" among them.

I'm seeking my inner self - having a mid-life crisis, seeking "relevancy" and counseling. Just (sort of) kidding. "Mid-life" occurred eons ago.

But here's the deal. I can't cover Fish and Game or related agencies as I once did, many years ago when I was based with newspapers 120 miles to the south, nor can I do so with political happenings in Concord. I do what I can, and in some cases will do so aggressively, but given the distance must pick my battles.

But what's more fun to me, given the "Not the News" nature of this column over 40 years and counting, is that I'll continue to do my best to pick and choose from topics and ideas sent in by readers. If any of you out there in the Great Beyond have something you want me to write about, or delve into (resources and geography being prime considerations), please let me know.

But a caveat: Include your name, town and telephone number. In no way would I use any of that in print without permission, but without it, into the trash it must go.

Write John Harrigan at Box 39, Colebrook 03576 or email him at

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