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AG letter asks companies not to sell synthetic drugs

February 10. 2015 11:50PM

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster signed on to a letter sent by the National Association of Attorneys General asking the heads of nine major oil companies to prohibit the sale of synthetic drugs in convenience stores operated under their brand names.

“Given the significant danger synthetic drugs present to users, especially our young people, we are extremely troubled that these drugs have been readily available in well-known retail locations,” the letter reads.

Authorities have been able to determine that at least 130 sales of synthetic drugs in 29 states have happened at stores operating under the brands, which are BP, Sunoco, Phillips 66, Marathon Petroleum, Citgo, Valero, Shell, Chevron and Exxon Mobil, according to the letter.

“Your companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns designed to convince consumers that your brands are trustworthy. Enforcing strong policies against the sale of synthetic drugs in your retail locations can only protect your brand reputation while also protecting our youth,” the letter reads.

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