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Cameras to be added to all toll lanes on NH Turnpike

April 21. 2015 9:14PM

Toll evaders will soon have to face the music as the state rolls out the installation of enforcement cameras on all toll lanes on the N.H. Turnpike.

Until now, cameras have existed on all dedicated E-ZPass lanes and open road tolling lanes. As part of the last phase of the state’s plan to cut down on evaders, cameras will be in installed on all open toll lanes.

The cameras will take pictures of all license plates passing through toll lanes. If a driver pays the toll, their license picture will be deleted within seconds. If a driver either doesn’t pay the toll or requests a “no funds” payment slip, then the license plate picture will be kept and a bill for the toll plus a $1 processing fee will be mailed to the car owner’s address.

The state expects all of the camera’s to be installed and operations by mid-May of this year.

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