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Trump, speaking in NH: Politicians are 'all talk, no action'

New Hampshire Union Leader

June 17. 2015 9:08PM
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks Wednesday at Manchester Community College. (Dan Tuohy/Union Leader)

A bombastic Donald Trump opened his first rally in New Hampshire by promising to never hold his tongue as he works to shake up the presidential race and win his party’s nomination.

“Politicians are all talk and no action,” the new Republican candidate said Wednesday at Manchester Community College.

The billionaire real estate mogul began the rally, attended by a few hundred people, by dismissing a Club for Growth statement that no one should take Trump seriously. Trump fired back, claiming the conservative group had previously solicited him for a $1 million donation.

Trump said he sent the Club for Growth representative packing. He used the story to point out that he would not be beholden to any special interests, and, in a world of dirty politics, he would answer to the people.

UPDATE: Trump issued a statement Thursday calling on David McIntosh, president of Club for Growth, to resign. "I am appalled by Mr. McIntosh's shameless pandering and blatant shakedown attempt, exposing him and the Club for Growth as a fraud," Trump said in the statement.

His talk of being a straight-shooter won him some early endorsements in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

“We’re at a crossroads in this country. We need to shake things up,” said state Rep. Steve Stepanek, R-Amherst, who announced he is “wholeheartedly” endorsing Trump.

“This may be our last opportunity to reclaim what we once had,” Stepanek said before Trump spoke at the rally. “We need a leader, not a politician.”

State Rep. Fred Doucette, R-Salem, said he is endorsing Trump for his business acumen.

“Mr. Trump has a great vision for this country,” he said. “He’s created tens of thousands of jobs. He tells it like it is.”

State Rep. Al Baldasaro, R-Londonderry, said Trump is in a position to offer solutions. He has yet to endorse anyone, but Baldasaro used similar language. “He will shake it up.”

Trump repeated a few controversial lines from his announcement speech, including that illegal immigrants from Mexico are mostly drug dealers and rapists. During the rally, a young man in the audience held up a sign that read, “Mexicans are people — not criminals.”

He promised to crack down on illegal immigration, and build a better security wall on the southern border.Trump said he would use his business experience to make America great again. The best social policy is a job, he noted, after promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act and help businesses expand and create jobs in America.

Trump, with trademark swagger, answered questions in a town hall-style meeting after his remarks. He said the 2016 election will be about confidence and competence — not about personality.

Americans are “sick and tired of being ripped off by everybody.”

Trump concluded the hour-long event with the song “Takin’ Care of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and another promise: to campaign often in New Hampshire.

“The people of New Hampshire are hard-working people and they love our country and they want to see it be great again,” he said.

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