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Asked about Bernie at NH ice cream shop, Hillary says organization wins campaigns

Union Leader Correspondent

July 03. 2015 9:26PM
Emily Walton of Lebanon was just out for some ice cream with her daughters Camille Dizon, 9, and Josephine Dizon, 6, when Hillary Clinton stopped at Dairy Twirl in Lebanon Friday afternoon. (Meghan Pierce/Union Leader Correspondent)

LEBANON - Hillary Clinton really likes ice cream, she said, when she stopped to get a scoop at the Dairy Twirl Friday afternoon. And she really wanted the members of the press pool to have some too.

Clinton asked the press pool several times if they wanted ice cream, on her, and got no response until one reporter said he would prefer Clinton answer a question.

Clinton was less enthusiastic about answering questions than about buying reporters ice cream, but she relented.

The reporter then jumped in with a question about fellow Democrat candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign and the high number of people turning out at his events. Clinton responded by saying she is running her own campaign.

Clinton had just come from an event at Dartmouth College in Hanover at which 850 people turned out. The turn out was high for a Clinton campaign stop in New Hampshire this go round, but nothing compared to the reported 10,000 people who turned out to see Sanders at a campaign stop in Wisconsin on Wednesday.

When asked for her reaction to Sanders big crowds and why she is not drawing the same numbers, she simply said, "We each run our own campaigns and I always knew it would be competative. I want to have free debate in the primary and caucuses around the country."

Clinton said she has been through many campaigns and at the end of the day organization is what wins. Having each day well-planned and having that grassroots base, she said.

Clinton congratulated the owners of Dairy Twirl, who are celebrating the businesses' 40th this year.

She also stopped and spoke to several customers.

Emily Walton of Lebanon was in line with her daughters Jospehine Dizon, 6, and Camille Dizon, 9, when Clinton arrived.

Walton said she was suprised and thrilled to meet Clinton, who she is supprting in the primary.

"We are supporters. It's just an amazing experience. I'm just so glad she came to the people," Walton said, saying she is glad Clinton has shifted her campaign to holding these types of campaign stops that so epitomize the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

"Especially for some of us - especially here in New Hampsire where there is more support for Bernie Sanders, perhaps, who I think is more engaged with the people - I think it's really important for her to show here engagement with the everyday folks at a place like Dairy Twirl."

Hillary Clinton stops to answer questions from the media while stopping at Dairy Twirl in Lebanon Friday afternoon. Photo By MEGHAN PIERCE

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