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Sanctuary insanity: Another innocent life lost

July 08. 2015 8:03PM

Gov. Jindal oddly enough believes that even cities, states, and Presidents must obey laws, which is why he said he would end the so-called “sanctuary city’’ status of San Francisco and other liberal meccas.

The awful, awful story of the murder of a young San Franciscan woman, out on the pier for a stroll with her dad, is bringing to light some of the absurd and unlawful practices this nation has and is allowing regarding illegal immigrants.

Only a federal court order is preventing Barack Obama from breaking the law and declaring legal even more illegals.

The mayor and council in San Francisco are complicit in the woman’s murder. Why? Because of their policy of not cooperating with federal law enforcement, or anyone else, when an illegal immigrant, including those with prior criminal convictions, is found in their midst.

The suspected gunman, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, has been deported to his native Mexico five times but he was back, and in position to shoot Kathryn Steinle, 32. Sanchez had been given yet another chance here when local officials dropped drug charges against him. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had asked local officials to hold him for deportation but the local sheriff, citing the “sanctuary’’ policy, let him go.

To make matters worse, if that is possible, news reports now say that Sanchez used a gun that he found on the pier. It belonged to a federal agent.

Everyone says our immigration system is broken. Everyone is wrong.

We have no immigration system.

We are all in danger until we force our representatives to implement one.


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